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Videos And Flash Animations


Original Flash Intro -This flash video was originally used in the introduction to the website. However, since it is a flash content video, and if it were to be put at the start of the site - this would adversely impact people with newer media tools (like IPhones and Droid, etc) from accessing the site. But we think that this is cool and wanted to provide an opportunity for people to check it out if their media is compatible with the flash format. The run time of this video is approximately 15 seconds, note that is a "looped" video so click on the "back" arrow of the page to exit it when through viewing.


Test Flight of Johnny Astro Hybrid Replication Shipped to France -Thierry Jolis of France ordered a hybrid replication Johnny Astro, check out the test flight of his completed toy. Note that the propulsion unit of this toy utilizes a "Johnny Astro Turbo Upgrade Kit" - which is a 21st century motor and a 21st century propeller combination. See how high the balloon now flies! The run time of this video is approximately 1 minute.


First United Kingdom Version Johnny Astro Hybrid Replication -Over the past couple of years the AEP workshop has been able to acquire original parts of the UK version Johnny Astro. Some of these parts have been molded and the AEP workshop now provides replications of several of the UK version parts. Some of these new replication parts were used in conjunction with parts of an original UK Johnny Astro set to create the very first UK version hybrid replication. This toy was recently provided to a customer in Monaco who had an original one as a kid many years ago. Check out the very first test flight of Simon's Johnny Astro. The run time of this video is approximately 2 minutes.


Test Drive of Bob Bakus' Restored Johnny Express Cab Unit -The AEP workshop receives many inquiries and requests to restore original Johnny Astro and Johnny Express toys. Bob Bakus of Palantine, Illinois sent us a Johnny Express cab unit that needed a lot of work to get running again. The effort was worth it - watch the test drive of Bob's restored cab and hear the familiar hum of the drive train motor and the familiar crackling sound of the steering motor once again. The run time of this video is approximately 1.5 minutes.


Original Johnny Astro TV Commercial From the 1960's -The AEP workshop recently acquired a 35mm color film of an original Johnny Astro TV commercial. The previous owner of the 35mm print believed the commercial to be from either 1966 or 1967, but we do not know the year that it was made. The commercial is a noteworthy find for a couple of reasons: it is in color and it is a one minute long commercial (instead of 30 seconds long). Enjoy taking a step back into the past!


Making Spacecraft Templates and Control Center Base Protective Covers Video -This video shows how the AEP workshop makes replication Spacecraft Templates and Protective Cover assemblies used in the Johnny Astro toy. Both of these parts were originally provided by the Topper Toy Company in cardboard. Since making these parts in plastic is easier and less time consuming - we decided to mold these parts in the AEP Workshop for our production run of the 2008 Hybrid Replications (Click here to check that story out). The run time of this video is approximately 7 minutes.


A Tribute To Sol Friedman Video -This tribute to prolific toy inventor Sol Friedman shows how a group of Boy Scouts from Newburyport, Massachusetts made their very own working Johnny Astro replications from scratch. The ongoing efforts of the AEP Workshop to make new replication Johnny Astros in 2007/2008 are also shown, as well as a summary of some other toys invented by Sol Friedman. The run time of this video is approximately 23 minutes.


Making Landing Carriages Video -This video shows how the AEP workshop makes replication Landing Carriages for the balloons used in the Johnny Astro toy. The development work took about two years for this activity which has resulted in the provision of replication Landing Carriages to Johnny Astro toy owners all over. As with the Sol Friedman Tribute video, check out the original Johnny Astro TV commercial from the 1960s that starts the video off. The run time of this video is approximately 26 minutes.


Alternate Flash Intro -See an alternate flash introduction created for the AEP website. When you click here an alternate flash animation will run and then return you to the AEP home page. The run time of the flash animation is less than half a minute.