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What's New From The AEP Workshop - December 2, 2012

Johnny Express Storage Holding Tank Spigot     Click To Enlarge

I had received several requests over the years to replicate the Spigot part for the Johnny Express Trailer -
Storage Holding tank so now here it is! This is a very challenging piece to make with acceptable quality results, check out the picture.

Johnny Express Cab Dashboard     Click To Enlarge

There is now another Johnny Express part now available - the dashboard piece for the Cab section. Currently, this part is available in a chrome finish.

Unchromed Johnny Express Parts     Click To Enlarge

The AEP Workshop is now offering several Johnny Express parts that are typically provided with a chrome finish - in an "unchromed" state. The Johnny Express Restorers can can chrome the parts themselves and save on cost, or request these parts be provided in a different color. The uncrhomed offerings include the mirrors, air horns, tail lights, dashboard and the troop carrier antenna parts. See the Johnny Express Parts page on the website for all of the details.

Johnny Astro Explorer Battery Cap     Click To Enlarge

This is the snap in battery retainer for the Johnny Astro Explorer toy, which is often missing in the units still around out there...the part is provided in red pigmented plastic.

AstroExpressParts Workshop Clocks     Click To Enlarge

A friend of mine suggested several years ago that I should mold and replicate some tambour clocks that I made out of wood - and so I finally got around to doing it. See the picture and note that these clocks are "mini tambour" style clocks that measure about 5" long X 2-3/8" high X 1-1/4" deep. A Quartz clock movement and battery are included. These things make great gifts and good "company" type presents for both customers and employees. The AEP Workshop will also print and attach company logos onto the clock bottoms if requested.

Look for new products to be available on a regular basis from the AEP workshop, check back periodically. If there is something you want made or replicated, contact us. I will continue to try and make the best possible quality parts and offer them at a reasonable price.

Thank you,


-Bob Lansing